Volunteers wanted to help improve Yorkshire Dales rivers

Volunteers willow spilling.

Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust (YDRT) is looking to further extend the work of its 70-plus strong volunteer team.

Drawn from all quarters of the Dales, volunteers engage across the river catchments of the Wharfe, Ure, Nidd, Swale and Ouse reducing pollution by physically removing litter from river banks and water quality sampling.

The team also aims to improve biodiversity and manage flood risks by planting trees and supporting and protecting native species by monitoring and removing invasive non-native species.

Volunteer and engagement officer, Jenny Lee said: “Our rivers have suffered from acute loss of species and habitat, and toxic pollution – a perilous situation being further compounded by the impact of climate change.

“All donations to our BigGive campaign running from 18-25 April will enable us to double our volunteer power and plant up to 5,000 trees as well as buying litter-picking equipment and life jackets to support up to 30 volunteers.

“We also hope the donations will enable us to further increase our monthly group litter picking events and invasive non-native species training.”

Jenny and the team also work in partnership with a local river fly monitoring group nominated for this year’s BBC Springwatch Wildlife Hero Awards.

Volunteers currently cover 11 locations on Skeeby Beck in Swaledale, which suffered a major pollution incident in 2022.

The group will find out if they have been successful on BBC Springwatch in June.

The trust announced the expansion of its volunteer programme in September 2023.

To find out more or donate visit: www.ydrt.org.uk

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