Volunteers wanted to join team of first responders in Richmond

Richmond's First Responders.

Volunteers are wanted to join Richmond Volunteer Community First Responders.

The volunteers are trained to provide life-saving treatment to patients in the vital first few minutes of an emergency until an ambulance crew arrives.

Lee Whitworth, who runs a first aid training company, is one of the team members.

He said: “We sit having coffee, gardening, cooking, doing office work and if the NHS phone goes off, we respond to 999 emergency calls.

“After the call we return to doing what we were doing before.

“We receive continuous on going training from Yorkshire Ambulance Service and our trainer Andrew Killpatric.

“This training ensures we are up to date and ready to help residents of Richmond and visitors who may need life saving help.”

For more details visit https://www.yas.nhs.uk/get-involved/community-first-responders/