Warning after fraudulent call to resident

Police have issued a warning after a resident received a fraudulent telephone call.

Police say a local resident received a phone call yesterday from a man who asked her to go to the Co-op in Leyburn and buy £50 gift cards as there was a problem with the security on her bank.

The resident gave no personal details and was able to get the male off the phone.

A spokesperson for Nort Yorkshire Police said: “Please be aware that this is happening in our area and make any elderly family, friends or neighbours aware so they are prepared and can end the calls and hopefully save any unnecessary worry.

“Also remind them not to give out any personal details or bank details over the phone.

“If you receive a call then please do 1471 to see if a number is available (if received on a landline) or keep a note of the number if on a mobile phone and report this either NYP or Action Fraud.”

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  1. Best to keep them on the phone as long as possible to limit the time they have for trying it on with anyone else.
    Even better, I keep them on the line while you use another phone, if available, to ring the police.

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