Waste collections disrupted in Wensleydale

Photo: Richmondshire District Council.

Waste collections have been disrupted in Wensleydale today.

Richmondshire District Council said the problem was caused by “unprecedented staff shortages”.

A council spokesperson said: “It is unlikely that we will complete all the recycling rounds in some of the outlying areas of upper Wensleydale today.

“Our crews are currently working hard to collect everything they can and we will update you later in the day on the location of properties they were unable to collect from.

“We have postponed the bring bank service for today and we are hoping to resume collections later this week.

“In the meantime residents are advised to hold on to their recycling materials, or present it at their next scheduled household recycling collection.

“Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience these disruptions have caused, and be be assured we are working hard to resume a normal collection as soon as possible.”