Waste sculptures planned for Richmond’s Friary Gardens

Loo Morton, left, with some of the In Bloom team.

Waste sculptures will go on display in Richmond’s Friarage Gardens as part of this year’s entry in Yorkshire in Bloom bid.

The sculptures will highlight the amount of litter that the town generates and Richmond’s awareness of environmental responsibilities.

Shop owner Loo Morton, who is the organiser of the sculpture display, said: “We are very concerned about the amount of litter that we collect on our regular litter pick and tidy days and to reflect that, we would love some involvement from our community to help us make the waste sculptures.”

The displays will be sited at the top of the Friary Gardens in shady areas to the right and left of the Friary Tower.

The group is now appealing for individuals and groups to create sculptures on the theme of ‘nature’.

The materials used should be waterproof and can be made out of such things as plastic bottles, bubblewrap, clingfilm, crisp packets, plastic punnets, packaging, sweet wrappers etc.

Loo added: “We would love to see sculpted bees from bubblewrap, flowers from crisp packets and anything to do with nature that your imagination can stretch to”.

This project is part of the Original Richmond in Bloom initiative to win gold in Yorkshire in Bloom.

Last year, the town came away with a silver gilt award and commendation for Best New Entry.

This year the team is aiming for the top in their entry into the Town category of the prestigious awards.

Anyone who is making a sculpture is asked to email Loo at neepsveg@gmail.com or telephone her on 07917 455432.

Richmond in Bloomers and Richmond Pride will be out weeding and litter picking in preparation for judging day on Monday 1 July.

Anyone who would like to help is asked to meet at the Town Hall bringing a hoe, brush and pan and a great sense of community spirit. Times 5.30pm to 6.30pm on Tuesday, June 11, Thursday, June 13, Tuesday, June 18, Thursday, June 20, Tuesday, June 25 and Thursday, June 27.