Water treatment plant work could lead to safety improvements, Aysgarth councillors hear

Tip Lane. Photo: Google.

Work on the water treatment plant in Tip Lane (Flout Moor Lane) could provide the opportunity to make it safe for vehicles and stop gravel being deposited on the Thornton Rust Road, Aysgarth and District Parish Council was told at its September meeting.

Yorkshire Water had informed the parish council that it plans to install a new pre-cast modular form tank in early 2022 and so want to improve the access along Tip Lane for the contractors.

It has offered to either provide additional crushed stone or to concrete the bottom end of the lane.

As the owner of the lane the parish council stated that any additional crushed stone would be swept down onto the Thornton Rust road. So the preferred option was to use concrete as long as there was a soakaway.

A local farmer said it would be preferable to concrete more of the lane.

He described how dangerous it was to drive along that section at present and added: “We have got an opportunity to do something.”

It was agreed there would be no objection to Yorkshire Water concreting a longer stretch of the lane providing the parish council was not required to contribute financially.

Closed roads. – The parish council was informed that local access had been so restricted when the road through Bishopdale was being resurfaced that there had been no dustbin or post services. It was reported that the workmen had been rude and the work went on longer than scheduled.

North Yorkshire County Council Highways has apologised for the lack of access and the attitude of the contractor.  The clerk was asked to enquire what steps would be taken so that a similar situation did not arise again.

The clerk was also asked to send a complaint to Highways about the way the road through Thornton Rust had recently been closed.

Cllr Tim Freer reported that the signage had been poor and misleading when BT was carrying out work on the section between Aysgarth and Thornton Rust. At Worton there had been “road closed” signs instead of “access only”. And at Aysgarth the signs had not been taken down when the road was accessible.

This, he said, had caused confusion and inconvenience to The Women’s Institute which was holding an event at Thornton Rust Village Hall.

Highways. – During a site meeting the Highway officer informed two parish councillors that the white lining in Aysgarth was carried out due to new rules and regulations. He was willing to review it given the parish council’s concerns.

The use of cones by two households in Aysgarth to reserve parking areas on the highway was also discussed. The Highway Officer suggested that the Police be informed.

He had inspected the ash tree near the old chapel in Aysgarth and said that, as it was not possible to walk between it and the field wall, it was the responsibility of the field owner.

He said arrangements would be made for the repair of a hole on the A684 near Aysgarth Institute. He added that he would check if Highways owned the road between the A684 and the Institute which had been churned up by lorries. If that was so, arrangements would be made to resurface it and put a kerb in.

The clerk was asked to inform Highways that East Field Lane (known locally as Spickle Lane) between West Burton and Thoralby, was overgrown with vegetation.

She reported that she had not yet received a response from Highways regarding the parish council’s request to find a more permanent solution to the repeated damage to Bishopdale bridge; the fallen tree branch at Low Gill on the Thornton Rust road;  nor the potholes in the middle of the road on Church Bank, Aysgarth.

Cllr Freer asked if there had been any feedback following the parish council’s suggestion that a footpath should be installed on the A684 near Stowe House as part of the Safer Roads Initiative. The clerk was asked to make enquiries.

Next meeting. – Will be downstairs in Aysgarth Institute at 7.30pm on Thursday October 7.