Weather warning issued for heavy rain

The Met Office has issued weather warnings for rain.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for heavy rainfall for the district on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The heavy rain, which combined with snow melt and saturated ground, could cause flooding, forecasters say.

A more serious amber warning has been issued for parts of central northern England also including Leeds and Manchester.

The warnings are valid from 6am on Tuesday until midnight on Wednesday with the potential for up to 120mm in parts of the southern Pennines and northern Peak District.

Chief Meteorologist Neil Armstrong said: “A wide area of rainfall will move across central parts of the UK on Monday evening and bring heavy rain for the following 36 to 48 hours.

“The rain will be heaviest across western facing hills, in particular parts of the southern Pennines and northern Peak District where we could see up to 120mm over the course of the warning period with 40 to 70mm of rain widely across the whole amber area.

“Heavy rain will impact the whole of England and Wales by Wednesday with Yellow warnings for rain in force. By Thursday 100 to 150mm of rain could fall over high ground in Wales and Northern England.

“As well as rainfall, rapid snow melt will add to these accumulations, adding five to 10mm in the worst affected areas.