Webcam goes live at Georgian Theatre Royal

The stage of the Georgian Theatre Royal.

Richmond’s Georgian Theatre Royal is offering a unique window onto its historic stage with the installation of a live webcam.

The real-time footage can be accessed 24 hours a day from the theatre’s website which means that people from around the world will be able to see what’s happening on stage around the clock.

There will be no shortage of activity, with the camera picking up all aspects of the theatre’s busy life from rehearsals, technical operations and set construction to live performances and guided tours.

Built in 1788, the theatre is the most complete Georgian theatre in Britain.

Clare Allen, chief executive of the Georgian Theatre Royal, said: “People who take a guided tour or attend a performance are lucky enough to experience first-hand the intimacy and charm of this wonderful theatre.

“We are hoping that by seeing the live footage digitally, people will be inspired to visit the theatre in person and to experience the magic in real life.

“The very first actors to tread the boards here 235 years ago would have played largely to local audiences. They could never have predicted that one day the technology would exist to make these audiences global!” she added.

The web cam can be viewed at