Well-wishers raise hundreds for Big Issue seller after dog wees on her

Well-wishers have donated hundreds of pounds to a Big Issue seller after a dog relieved itself on her.

The seller, called Argentina, was sat on a stool in the Market Pace in Richmond when a dog-walker went past.

Unfortunately, the woman’s dog cocked it’s leg on her, soaking her coat with urine.

The seller told business owner Laura Morton about the incident.

Laura said in a post on social media: “I said ‘hello, how are you?’

“She replied ‘oh not good’.

“So I questioned her further to find out that a dog, belonging to a lady walking passed her, had emptied its bladder up her coat as she sat on her seat. Her coat was wet with pee.

“She said the lady dragged the dog away with a small apology as she left — what a degrading act.”

Laura added: “In what world is that acceptable? If you are the dog owner, you owe Argentina a better apology and to purchase some copies of her Big Issue magazine.”

Laura got the woman a new coat from a nearby Age UK charity shop.

Laura’s post about the incident on social media was seen by staff at local on-line company YOLO.

They initially decided have a whip-round in the office for Argentina, but then decided to launch a Gofundme appeal.

The appeal raised £350 within 12 hours, with more than £450 now being donated.

David Martin, head of sales at YOLO, said: “This is going to allow us to get her some nice gifts for Christmas, a Christmas card with the names of all the donors, gift cards and some cash, to help her out this Christmas.

“Argentina’s hard working and bears all the elements whether it be wind snow or rain.”

For more information on the appeal, click here.



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