Wensleydale bell ringers offer free online course

A free online course in bell ringing is being offered by a Dales group.

Despite church bells falling silent due to the pandemic, Wensleydale Ringers are getting together online to practice and learn using an innovative website.

This has created an opportunity for those new to ringing to find out more.

Martin Stott, from Wensleydale Ringers, said: “The Wensleydale ringers are offering a series of short interactive on-line presentations on the joy, techniques, and benefits of bell ringing.

“We invite everyone to join us in these sessions, from those who have simply wondered about how the bells are rung through to those interested in whether bell ringing is for them.

“Lockdown presents an excellent opportunity to investigate a new hobby from the armchair.

“Bell ringing is a team activity that keeps your brain active and your body agile. Some do it for the community of friends, some do it to contribute to church life, some to keep the glorious sound of bells alive, and some do it for the pure pleasure and feeling of well-being it brings.

“In Wensleydale we have over 60 active ringers of different ages, male and female. Some of us attend church but others do not: there is no requirement to be a church-goer. Bell ringing does not require great strength and we have had children as young as 10 learning in Wensleydale.”

Those interested in finding out more about what the sessions entail should email wensleydaleringers@gmail.com or contact the group via Facebook at Wensleydale Ringers.