Wensleydale businesses invited to discuss challenges at open evening

Businesses across Wensleydale and surrounding areas are invited to talk about their business challenges and local concerns at an open evening in Leyburn this month.

The meeting, which is being hosted by the Lower Wensleydale Business Network (LWBN), is open to all businesses and takes place on February 11 at the Leyburn Arts and Community Centre.

Attendees will be encouraged to discuss barriers that are preventing them from moving forward in business, what their hopes are for the future of the Lower Wensleydale region and any other concerns or suggestions they may have.

The LWBN is committed to supporting businesses in the area and is keen to understand ‘pain points’ of local businesses, so they can target their support effectively.

This is supported by the addition of a new Facebook group which is already providing a forum for businesses to connect and support one another on a day-to-day basis.

David Poole, who is part of the management team, said: “Having identified the problem of the migration of our young people from the area as one of the most pressing issues hindering existing businesses and the development of new businesses, the LWBN has focused on mitigating this problem but now it is time to also turn our attention to developing the business environment.

“This open evening is the start of that process”.

To emphasise the important development of the partnership between Wensleydale School and Sixth Form and the business community, representatives from the school will provide a short presentation to show the work that is being done.

This meeting will be instrumental in how the network channels its support for businesses in 2019, so both members and non-members are encouraged to attend to have their voices heard.