Wensleydale holiday cottage owners leave after locals call police

Castle Bolton. Photo: Steve Partridge.

The owners of a Wensleydale holiday cottage have left the property after being reported for breaking Covid-19 lockdown rules.

The occupants of a property in Castle Bolton were visited by police at the weekend following a complaint from a local resident.

While Government rules now allow the public to travel around the country, they do not allow people to stay overnight without a reasonable excuse.

The owners of the two-bedroom property, which is also rented out as a holiday cottage, arrived late last week.

It is understood they left on Sunday following the visit by an officer.

A local resident said they called police on Saturday after seeing a car outside the cottage early on Friday and another later in the day.

They added: “It’s not right that someone can rock up here when we have a village full of elderly and vulnerable people who have been isolating since the start.”

The resident said they were concerned the occupants weren’t told to leave immediately.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said: “We received a report that owners of a second/holiday home in Castle Bolton near Leyburn had returned to the property.

“The report was made on the morning of June 7, stating the residents had arrived at the property on Friday, June 5.

“A local officer attended the property and engaged with the occupants, explaining the guidance around the coronavirus regulations and encouraging the individuals adhere to them.

“It is believed the residents have now left the property.” [kofi]


  1. I find this story deeply uncomfortable. There seems to be no consideration of the bigger picture or tolerance for others. The suggestion that ‘outsiders’ will arrive and infect our precious rural communities is wrong in fact and selfish in nature. We are privileged to live in a desirable rural area but we do not own it and the national park is for everybody. There is also a lack of reciprocity and a disregard for those in towns and cities who support the infrastructure on which we all depend, food, fuel, transport, deliveries, health services etc. Rural isolation is only possible because of the unseen support of countless others. Lockdown is easing and we have a moral duty to show consideration and a responsible and careful welcome without fear or resentment.

    • Unfortunately, it is people such as you, who tolerate these illegal acts, propagating the virus, which is still out there! You are completely wrong in what you say, and the residents of the village were quite right to report the matter to protect their health.

      • I think your narrow minded as people all over have been tested and found clear (me and my wife have and are clear)of the virus the country has to start getting back to some sort of normality and if it was my second home then i would also be visiting it,is it because they have a second home you have the issue? I take it you have stayed at home from day 1 and not done any sort of shopping or the likes if you have then you are highly hypocritical

  2. Well said, “Dales Resident”. What a disgraceful and selfish attitude. The “do-gooder” was wrong to assume that their temporary neighbours were any more likely to have, or to spread the virus more than anyone else. Yes; it is a second home, (which perhaps goes some way to explaining the hostility), but Council Tax and other rates still has to be paid and the amenity of the beautiful Dales is for all to share and is not the private property of people who (by sheer chance) were born there. I do not condone breaking of the law by anyone staying overnight in a second home. Moving forwards, will all the inhabitants of Castle Bolton now guarantee to remain within their own village boundary? – after all, one wouldn’t want them spreading the virus around the rest of North Yorkshire.

  3. We’ve got an unelected parish councilor having visitors up throughout the lockdown period, the police know about it but haven’t done a thing.

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