Wensleydale League announces select XI nominations

The nominations for the Wensleydale Creamery league’s select XI have been announced.

Each club put forward 11 of their own players. The teams then selected players from other clubs which had impressed them the most during the season.

The 11 players with the most votes will be announced at the league’s centenary dinner next month.

In total, 52 players were nominated from ten different teams. Reeth were the only team to note have a player on the list.

League champions Richmond Mavericks had the most players on the list with nine, while runner’s up Unicorn had eight.

Eleven of the players receiving votes started the season as u21s of which five were u18s.

Hartlepool United manager and former Middlesbrough player Craig Hignett will be the guest speaker at the centenary dinner at the Garden Rooms at Tennants on Friday, June 7.

The dinner is being planned to mark the 100th anniversary of the league.

The event will recognise the achievements of players old and new and will look back over the past 100 years of local grassroots football.

The celebration will include a three course meal with a champagne drinks reception.

Tickets for the evening are priced at £40 per person and can be purchased by contacting the league treasurer Stacey Crowther on stacey@entrepreneursforum.net.

The 52 nominated players are:

  • Adam Dunwoodie, Richmond Mavericks
  • Adam Lambert, Spennithorne & Harmby
  • Andrew Pritchard, Richmond Mavericks
  • Antony Beales, Spennithorne & Harmby
  • Ashley Mcinerney, Colburn Town
  • Brandon Acton, Leyburn Town
  • Brandon Gredziak, Richmond Town Academy
  • Brett Calvert, Hawes United
  • Callum Sheridan, Colburn Town
  • Carl Handley, Unicorn FC
  • Craig Swainston, Unicorn FC
  • Damian Hargreaves, Catterick Garrison Football Centre
  • Daniel Johnson, Richmond Mavericks
  • Daniel Walker, Spennithorne & Harmby
  • Danny Allen, Richmond Buck Inn
  • David Addison, Richmond Buck Inn
  • David Andrews, Richmond Mavericks
  • David Fullerton, Carperby Rovers
  • David Mutch, Unicorn FC
  • Edward Lewington, Richmond Town Academy
  • Ellis Wing, Spennithorne & Harmby
  • Gary Hutchison, Colburn Town
  • George Handley, Leyburn Town
  • Gerard Storey, Unicorn FC
  • Jack Hammond, Leyburn Town
  • James Stanger, Leyburn Town
  • Jamie Ornsby, Richmond Town Academy
  • Jeremy Mortimer, Catterick Garrison Football Centre
  • Joe Woodall, Colburn Town
  • Jordan Iveson, Hawes United
  • Liam Reeves, Unicorn FC
  • Liam Ryan, Richmond Buck Inn
  • Lloyd Iveson, Hawes United
  • Luke Mccormack, Colburn Town
  • Mark Sims, Unicorn FC
  • Nathan O’Connor, Richmond Mavericks
  • Nigel Cole, Colburn Town
  • Owen Kelly, Richmond Mavericks
  • Reuben Bainbridge, Richmond Mavericks
  • Richard Bastow, Richmond Mavericks
  • Ronan Donoghue, Richmond Town Academy
  • Ryan Crowther, Unicorn FC
  • Sam Lane, Leyburn Town
  • Sam Maddison, Catterick Garrison Football Centre
  • Stephen Moffit, Leyburn Town
  • Steven Files, Catterick Garrison Football Centre
  • Steven Reed, Richmond Mavericks
  • Thomas Calvert, Hawes United
  • Thomas Spensley, Richmond Town Academy
  • Thomas Wallis, Hawes United
  • Tom Keegan, Unicorn FC
  • Tom Sweeney, Colburn Town