Wensleydale League announces select XI nominations

The nominations for the Wensleydale Creamery league’s 2020/21 select XI have been announced.

Each club put forward 11 of their own players.

The teams then selected players from other clubs which had impressed them the most during the season.

The 11 players with the most votes will be announced shortly.

A total of 51 players were nominated.

All ten teams which finished the season had at least one player on the list.

Richmond Mavericks has the most nominations with nine, while double winners Unicorn had seven and league runners up Richmond Town Reserves had eight.

The nominated players were:

Danny Allen Richmond Buck Inn First
David Andrews Richmond Mavericks 1St
Rory Atkinson Unicorn First
Ross Barnet Reeth & District Athletic Club First
Mathew Bateson Unicorn First
Antony Beales Spennithorne & Harmby First
Brett Calvert Hawes United First
Thomas Calvert Hawes United First
Thomas Carnegie-Brown Richmond Town Reserves
Lewis Cocks Richmond Mavericks 1St
James Connelly Reeth & District Athletic Club First
Andrew D’Arcy Richmond Buck Inn First
Adam Dunwoodie Richmond Mavericks 1St
Benjamin Fawcett Leyburn Town First
Mark Forrest Unicorn First
Stewart Fotheringham Richmond Buck Inn First
David Fullerton Carperby Rovers First
Kyle Galloway Richmond Town Reserves
Brandon Gredziak Richmond Mavericks 1St
Carl Handley Unicorn First
Paul Harmsworth Spennithorne & Harmby First
Jordan Iveson Hawes United First
Sam Iveson Hawes United First
Daniel Johnson Richmond Mavericks 1St
Thomas Keegan Unicorn First
Sam Lambert Carperby Rovers First
Sam Lane Leyburn Town First
Karl Latcham Richmond Town Reserves
Edward Lewington Richmond Town Reserves
Ross Mcguigan Richmond Town Reserves
James Metcalfe Carperby Rovers First
Stephen Moffitt Leyburn Town First
David Mutch Unicorn First
Harry Needham Richmond Town Reserves
Samuel Pickersgill Richmond Mavericks 1St
Andrew Pritchard Richmond Mavericks 1St
Alfie Read Leyburn Town First
Liam Reeves Unicorn First
Scott Ryan Spennithorne & Harmby First
George Shaw Leyburn Town First
Nathan Simpson Richmond Town Reserves
Mark Sims Richmond Mavericks 1St
James Stanger Richmond Mavericks 1St
Lee Thompson Spennithorne & Harmby First
Nathan Walker Spennithorne & Harmby First
Liam Walker Catterick Garrison F’Ball Centre Senior
Joe Walker Spennithorne & Harmby First
Thomas Wallis Hawes United First
Matthew Weatherald Carperby Rovers First
Matthew White Richmond Town Reserves