Wensleydale play park gets long-awaited upgrade

The improved play park in West Witton.

A Wensleydale children’s play park has received a welcome overhaul.

Thanks to grants from Richmondshire District Council and the West Witton United Charities, the playpark at the east end of West Witton has been upgraded.

The park now features a super slide a twister, both with rubber flooring.

Following preparation which involved removing all the weeds and broken down surface, and in some areas replacing the membrane, a large area of the playpark also has new wood playbark.

This was made possible by a grant from Broadacres, which meant four large bags of playbark could be purchased.

The work was undertaken over three days by willing village volunteers.

Gail Russell, secretary of the playing fields committee, said: “Thanks to the grants, and hardworking West Witton villagers, the playpark is now looking better than it has for a long time.

“Without the support of Richmondshire District Council, the West Witton United Charities and Broadacres, this could not have happened.”