Wensleydale road repairs to be reviewed after Tour de Yorkshire cancellation

Repairs on the A684 in Wensleydale which were due to be brought forward to ensure smooth routes for the Tour de Yorkshire are set to be reviewed following the event being cancelled.

North Yorkshire County Council, which has agreed spend £814,000 on repairing and resurfacing roads ahead of the sixth running of the race, will reconsider whether pressing ahead with the plans will be the best use of the funding.

In recent years the Conservative-led authority has faced a number of challenges from opposition members over focussing its efforts on creating high-specification surfaces for cyclists, meaning work on roads that better meet the standard criteria for repairs is delayed.

Since the event was called off earlier this month the authority, which in 2018 estimated it had a £300m road repairs backlog, has faced calls to divert the funding to areas which residents claim have been overlooked.

Ahead of this year’s race, which was due to start on April 30, the authority was planning to push ahead with a number of repair projects including spending £150,000 on the A684 at Leyburn, Hawes, Constable Burton and Akebar.

The authority’s executive member for highways, Councillor Don Mackenzie said the council was expecting to announce plans for additional road repairs in the coming weeks and would also examine whether the plans for the Tour de Yorkshire roads should go ahead this year.

He said: “These are roads that would have been repaired in some way but the schedule was brought forward in order for us to carry out the work in advance of the Tour de Yorkshire. It was called off only a few days ago, so in the coming weeks we will look to review the schedules. Following the Chancellor’s budget statement we are expecting an another substantial tranche of money for highways repairs and in the coming days or weeks will confirm what our additional plans are.”

He said the county’s 5,750-mile road network was surveyed on a rolling maintenance programme to ensure the routes that needed repairs most urgently were prioritised.


  1. That is shocking! What about the people who live, work and travel in these areas – who have to use these roads and who pay their local taxes here.
    They should be the council’s first priority.

  2. Those people sat in their Ivory Towers couldn’t organise a “P*** up in a Brewery”. They jump from one road project to another without any though for the people living in the effected areas. If the road needs resurfacing then crack on and do the work. Surely this work has already been planned and it’s just a matter of pressing the start button. How long will it take to reschedule this work elsewhere?

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