Wensleydale Rotary Club recruiting new members — including women

Wensleydale Rotary Club members at an event at Bolton Castle.

Wensleydale Rotary Club is recruiting and will hold an informal evening with a free finger buffet to give potential members a taste of the club.

There will also be a chance to meet current members and learn more about what the club does. There will be no formal presentations.

The event will be held at the Bolton Arms in Leyburn at 7pm on April 1.

Sussan Rogers, president elect, said: “We are open to men and women.

“Yes, women can join Rotary, and indeed we’ll have our first female president this year. Members should also be aged over 30 and warm to our motto “service before self” and believe in giving something back.

“Although we are mainly known for raising funds for international, national and local community projects, we also have lots of fun and a great social life.

“Although everyone is welcome to the event, we’d love to attract more women and those living away further afield such as Bedale and Hawes.”


To reserve your place and supper, contact Susan on 07776 145529 or email susan@susanrogers.me.uk