Wensleydale School launches new enrichment programme

Wensleydale pupils enjoying extra curricular sessions last term.

Wensleydale School has devised a new enrichment programme for the 2021/22 school year after asking pupils how they would like to enjoy school post-pandemic.

The programme now includes photography, calligraphy, horse-riding and singing.

Staff say the programme has been created to provide the students with the activities they have thought about the most during the Covid pandemic.

As bubbles can be more mixed from September, the school says it has scheduled lessons differently to create a bespoke sessions devoted to activities such as walking, sailing and sport.

Assistant headteacher Mark Ashcroft says: “Young people have really suffered during Covid, with isolation, home-schooling and a lack of extra-curricular activities.

“As soon as we knew we were able to recommence enrichment clubs, we spoke to the students and gathered their thoughts on the kind of things they would like to do.

“All of our students will benefit, enriching their skills and cultural capital.

“Extra-curricular activities bring so much.

“We’ll be making the most of the outdoors because of the beautiful surroundings we enjoy – one activity will be walking around the stunning local countryside for example – but some clubs will involve equipment or skills and we are delighted that so many members of the local community are already offering services and sponsorship.”

If any businesses would like to get involved, they can contact the school throughout the summer holidays or at the start of the new term.