Wensleydale School prepares for reopening

Social distancing measures at The Wensleydale School.

The Wensleydale School in Leyburn is preparing to reopen next week.

The school will welcome back around 25 year ten students and a small number of year 12 students on Monday.

Only those year ten pupils who need extra support or who are struggling with home learning are being invited back.

Measures to ensure social distancing is maintained have been introduced across the site.

The year ten pupils will be split into three classes with a maximum of ten students in each.

Headteacher Julia Polley said the aim was to keep the students in social distancing ‘bubbles’ to ensure they came into contact with a limited number of people.

She said it was hoped to invite other year ten students back to school before the end of the summer term, although they did not expect to see year seven, eight or nine pupils until September.

Students will be asked to wear masks when in school corridors, with transport companies also insisting those travelling in by bus wear them.

Mrs Polley said that with around 30 per cent of pupils travelling from outside Leyburn on buses, the issue of transport was a big challenge.

Social distancing rules mean only seven pupils can travel on a 52-seater bus with contractor Abbotts set to use a 67-seater coach one route in order to collect 12 pupils at a time.

A mini-bus can only collect one pupil.

Other measures introduced in school include a one-way system and a requirement for students to be accompanied by adults at all times when on the school site.

Mrs Polley said all measures had been introduced to keep pupils and staff safe.

She added: “We have crossed all the T’s and dotted all the I’s and we’re confident that everything that can be done has been done.

“We’ve done everything we possibly can do to make it a safe and child friendly environment.”