Wensleydale School pupils hold mock election

Pupils at The Wensleydale School held their own election on Thursday as the nation went to the polls for the General Election.

As in the General Election in the Richmond seat, students gave the Conservative Party their backing.

The party got more than 53 per cent of the vote.

47 per cent of pupils had earlier registered to vote and turn out was just over two thirds.

Assistant head Mark Ashcroft said: “We started the day with an assembly explaining just how the election process and the first past the post system works.

“The student council acted as election officers, checking registrations and then issuing ballot papers.

“Students used cubicles to mark their vote and place their papers into the ballot box.

“In the whole process we had only one spoiled paper and that was due to uncertainty of what the voter had wanted to indicate.

“It was a really successful day and helped students to prepare for when they turn 18 and can vote themselves.   British values at their best.”

Mr Ashcroft said student Lydia Allison read out the results via the school tannoy system at the end of the day just as a returning officer would have done.

How Wensleydale School pupils voted.

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  1. I wonder if it was mentioned that alma mater Wendy Morton is a member of parliament and a government minister , showing the pupils that anyone of them can follow in her footsteps .

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