Wensleydale School says goodbye to students with leavers’ video

Headteacher Julia Polley in the leavers' video.

Staff at The Wensleydale School have said goodbye to those students who will not be back next term with a leavers’ video.

Headteacher Julia Polley said staff wanted to say goodbye properly despite the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and felt and this was the best way to do it.

She said staff genuinely enjoyed “acting up” for the video.

Mrs Polley added: “”e hope that this at least compensates in a little way, for what has been a very difficult end to school for Year 11 and 13.’.

“Mrs Brosnan put all her IT skills to the test and managed to get all filming done — socially distanced of course — with the help of Mr Ashcroft and his drone, in less than a week.

“We traditionally put together a staff band at the last assembly and sing ‘Schools Out’.

“It’s not quite the same, but we wanted everyone to know we are thinking of them.”

Watch the video here: