Wensleydale School students’ hard work pays off

Jonny O'Keefe.

The Wensleydale School and Sixth Form is celebrating their GCSE students’ success after an anxiety and uncertainty about the grading system.

Despite the numerous challenges over the past six months including being unable to attend school from March 23 and potentially having their grades altered by a computer-generated algorithm intended to benchmark results across the country, the students’ hard work has paid off.

All students passed with 52 per cent achieving 4s and above.

However, there are a some students waiting for BTEC results after the last-minute decision to bring them into line with this year’s A-Level and GCSE grading system.

Headteacher Julia Polley is relieved at the outcome after an unprecedented year for the students and teachers.

She said: “Our students worked right up until lockdown to make sure their second round of mocks were completed – we bought these forward by two weeks at very short notice and they took it in their stride.

“This helped us when we assessed grades. They have shown super resilience, especially with all the last-minute changes from the government and Ofqual.”

Megan Beswick.

Julia continued: “I am disappointed that Ofqual and the DfE took so long to make the u-turn as this has only increased stress and worry for young people.

“However, as a school we know that our grades were accurate and fair and have been rewarded by the results issued today. We are very proud of what they have achieved and wish everyone well as they either stay with us or move onto their next destinations”.

A particular achievement for the school is their business students, who as the first cohort to do the course achieved a 76 percent pass rate. Other notable achievements include:

  • Jonny O’Keefe 9x Grade 9s and 1 x Grade 8- Agriculture sector
  • A very hardworking and focused Megan Beswick 10 x higher grade passes despite having major surgery and missing a lot of Year 10.
  • Amy Collinson – pursuing career in medicine – 5 x 9s and 4x 8s and 1 x 6
  • Joseph Scot t- 4 x 9s, 6x 8s goes onto 6th from college to study Sport
  • Harry Tomblin – 4 x 9s overall 10 higher grade passes including grade 9 in Business – goes onto to study in the media sector