Wensleydale village hit by fly infestation

Flies on a window in Finghall.

A fly infestation is making life miserable for residents of a Wensleydale village.

Council officials are set to investigate the problem following complaints by villagers in Finghall.

Residents say they are being plagued by the flies, with one resident saying he is spending the lockdown killing hundreds every day with a fly swatter.

The villager, who asked not to be named, said the problem was so bad that they were keeping him and his wife awake at night.

“You try to eat your tea and they’re everywhere. You find yourself waving your knife and fork about like you’re conducting an orchestra to get rid of them.

“Then you look down and they’re on you’re plate.

“I’ve maybe killed 500 or 600 so far. We always have a few but it’s been particularly bad this year.”

Another resident said they believed it was industrial farming techniques that were responsible and urged the council to investigate.

Lower Wensleydale district councillor Richard Ormston said there were several poultry farms in the area and the flies could be coming from those.

It is believed the unwelcome visitors are common houseflies.

It is not the first time residents of Finghall have complained about a fly infestation with the issue making the national news in 2013.

On that occasion, environmental health officers ran tests and checked local poultry farms, but told residents it was possible they could just be a “natural phenomenon associated” with that year’s weather conditions.

A spokesperson for Richmondshire District Council said: “We are aware of this issue, and various others which have been reported, and we will respond to shortly.

“However, we would ask people to bear with us due to the very high workload related to businesses re-opening this weekend.”


  1. This is outrageous! All I see on the news is COVID, Black Lives Matter etc. but no one reporting the real issues apart from Richmondshiretoday. Thank you, this is truly WORLD CHANGING.

    Do you think Donald Trump would allow flies to come in and take control of his house!? We must arm ourselves and fight back!

  2. If this happens in this village every few years and not in other areas of the country, can it really be attributed to just the “weather conditions”? Is Finghall the only place to experience these “weather conditions”?

  3. We are having the same problem in Tunstall, hundreds of flies in the house soon as you open the doors or windows they are in! It’s young flies not the big blue bottle type (hatching time) !

  4. Several farm shops in Richmondshire have sold out of fly papers, spray etc and so it ISNT just Finghall. They are also just lazy field flies, not blue bottles. The week this was happened was the same week the village was plagued with muck spreaders leading to various surrounding farms so it’s inevitable. Google flies, and see that Bristol has also been swarmed through lockdown due to the land fill sites. It’s due to not having a cold winter and very warm spring.

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