Winning Christmas tree donated to St Mary’s Primary School

The winner from Richmond’s Christmas Market Christmas has been donated to the school which helped decorate it.

The tree was sponsored by website design company Reflections Media and formed part of the Christmas tree trail at Sunday’s event.

It has now been donated to St Mary’s Primary School after pupils from the school helped decorate it using their Christmas wishes.

Vicki Bentley, from Reflections Media, said: “There were 177 children in total who took part, each writing a wish that they wanted to come true.

“We were overwhelmed by the diverse, personal and thoughtful comments from the children.”

Catherine Colling, from Ref

lections, added that while you might expect children to wish for gifts, many of the wishes were about making other people happy at Christmas, as well as heartfelt wishes about parents who would not be around at Christmas, unwell grandparents and missing pets.

St Mary’s headteacher Katharine Whitehead said: “Thank you to Reflection Media for sponsoring the Christmas tree and asking St Mary’s RC Primary School to decorate it.

“The Rainbow Wishing Tree looked amazing at the Christmas Market in Richmond and received many positive comments, we are very proud that it was voted first place.

“The tree is now in school, proudly displaying all the children’s hopes and wishes, many of which are not for themselves but wishes for those close to them to have a happy and healthy Christmas.”