Winter gritting and car parking discussed by Muker Parish Council

Muker. Photo: Dennis Turner.




The Parish Council meeting was held on the 16th January 2024.

Councillors:    Cllr Porter. Cllr Reynoldson, Cllr Rukin, Cllr Metcalfe and  Cllr Calvert Chair presiding.

The Clerk was Mr Michael Cleminson.


  1. Matters Arising

Transparency code. The Clerk informed the meeting that the council is required to make all documents and finances accessible to the public free of charge on line. At present this function is  hosted by North Yorkshire Council(NYC). However, the hosting will cease on 25 March 2025. Therefore, the Council needs to develop a way to ensure all of its documentation are available on-line. At present the Clerk uploads documents to NYC, who load onto their site to be accessible to the public. The Clerk has been in contact with Cllr Peacock, who said that Hudswell Parish Council did not have a website either and face the same problem. The creation of a website is probably required. Cllr Metcalfe suggested the Clerk contacts the Yorkshire Local Councils Association to see if they can assist and advise. The clerk should also explore any other opportunities to enable the Parish Council to fulfil its transparency obligations. The Clerk pointed out that Arkengarthdale Parish council have a website that is suitable for a small Parish.

Circulation of minutes. The Clerk informed Cllrs that many Councils make their minutes available after the meeting rather than waiting until the following meeting. Councillors agreed minutes be circulated once approved by the Chair.

Emergency Planning. The clerk is in the process of arranging a meeting between representatives of Keld and Muker Village Halls to submit grant application to fund generators.

Car parking Muker.  Cllr Metcalf informed the meeting that a resident of the Parish had been issued with a parking ticket for parking on the land on the left before the car park and Muker bridge. Cllr Metcalf and a member of the Moor committee believe this is not part of the Highway, previously used as the site for the village bonfire. The resident has appealed the ticket but this was rejected on the grounds that Highways own the land up to the wall. The moor committee are hoping to establish that this is common land. The Clerk to correspond with Highways and the Parking Enforcement to outline the Council’s concern that Parking restrictions should not be applied on this land and the appeal reconsidered.


  1. Highways

Cllrs noted that works had been completed at Scarr house, beyond Usha gap farm to Muker and Ivelet.

Cllrs wished it be noted that the works had been professionally completed in good time. Scarr House and Usha Gap bridges are still waiting planning approval by National Parks.


Winter Gritting Policy. The Clerk said a reply had been received from NYC concerning gritting of West Stonesdale and Silver reiterating it does not meet the gritting criteria. It was confirmed that the promised site meeting had not taken place. Cllr Rukin said the road had not been gritted during the recent cold spell, that he personally was gritting the hill.  Further that Highways keep filling just the same 2 bins, instead of all of them, and some also need re-locating.  Cllr Rukin also said that if Highways are not going to grit the roads then all the gulleys should be cleaned out regularly to prevent water running onto the road then turning into ice.  It was agreed that a site visit was essential to ensure that this section of road can be made as safe as possible in the absence of gritting.  Should a site visit take place, Cllr Rukin said he will take Highways up to Level Hill Top on the Tan Hill road at the 90-degree bend, which currently has no warning signage, this lack of signage and the potential danger has been reported twice recently. Clerk to contact Highways to arrange the promised site meeting MP Rishi Sunak to be copied into all correspondence.

Cllr Calvert reported that the Grit Bins needed replenishing on Hoggarths Hill and surrounding area.


  1. YDNPA

Information Planning Ref R/06/180A/LB at Rash Grange, Muker, has been approved.


R/06/226A permission for construction of replacement bridge Lodgeside Bridge Birkdale Common. Councillors having reviewed the application support it recognising despite this being a 100-year-old excellently engineered bridge it requires a new structure to accommodate modern larger vehicles. Clerk to inform planning.


  1. Date and Time of Next Meeting: 30pm Tuesday 21 March 2024 at Muker Village Hall.

The meeting closed at  8.10pm.