Woman injured after falling 10m down ravine

Photo: SMRT.

A 75-year-old woman was rescued today after falling 10m down a steep ravine in upper Wensleydale.

The woman suffered multiple injuries in the incident which happened near Gayle, Hawes.

Members of Swaledale Mountain Team were aided by Yorkshire Ambulance Service workers and a HM Coast Guard helicopter.

The woman was stabilised by the SMRT doctor and ambulance staff.

She was then placed on stretcher and lifted vertically up the ravine.

The casualty was then carried 400m to the waiting coastguard helicopter.

Steve Clough, SMRT rescue controller said more than 25 people were involved in the technical rescue.

“We wish the casualty a speedy recovery and thank all our partners for assisting,” he added.

Photo: SMRT.