Woman whose body was found in Yorkshire Dales potentially identified

An artist's drawing of the woman whose body was found in the Yorkshire Dales.

A Thai family has come forward to say a woman thought to have been murdered and dumped in the Yorkshire Dales is their missing relative.

A woman’s body was found by walkers in a stream near Pen-y-ghent in 2004.

Her identity has never been established by North Yorkshire Police but detectives say one possibility is that she was a murdered “Thai bride”.

A press conference was held in north-east Thailand this week with a family who said they believed the woman was a missing relative.

It was claimed the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, married a British man in 1991 and moved to the north-west of England four years later.

Her mother told the Thai Women’s Network (TWN), which organised the press conference, she had not heard from her daughter since 2004.

Reporters were shown photographs of the missing woman alongside an artist’s impression of the murder victim that was released by police in Britain.

The woman’s body was found in this stream. Photo: North Yorkshire Police.

The TWN said it had passed on the details of the missing woman, including her name and that of her husband, to North Yorkshire Police.

Cold-case investigators believe the body found in the Dales was that of a woman aged between 25 and 35 who was originally from south-east Asia.

Forensic tests on samples of her hair led detectives to think she had been living in a rural community in north Lancashire or south Cumbria.

She was found more than a mile (2km) from the nearest road and was wearing only green jeans, socks and a gold wedding band.

A North Yorkshire Police said the force’s Cold Case Review Unit had received a possible name for the unknown woman and inquiries were ongoing to establish her identity.