Women steal bank card from shopper in Lidl

Police have appealed for information after two women stole a bank card from a shopper.

The incident happened in Lidl in Colburn today at about 2.15pm.

The woman was approached by two females requesting change for a pound coin.

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The victim has taken out her purse to look for change and when the suspects left, the victim found that her bank card was taken.

The two women were described by a witness as Eastern European and in their early 40s.

One female was of a larger build with dark curly hair, wearing a metallic silver puffa coat, black knee length skirt and fishnet tights.

The other female was described as having ginger dyed hair with dark rings around her eyes.

A police spokesperson said: “We urge the public to remain vigilant and if you believe you may have been subject to a similar incident, please contact 101.”