Woodland den dismantled by police in Catterick Garrison

A woodland den believed to be used by youths has been dismantled by police to prevent anti-social behaviour.

Community officers say the structure contained drug paraphernalia and empty alcohol containers.

Officers from Catterick Neighbourhood Policing Team targeted the wooded area after reports from members of the public.

A spokesperson for the team said; “Drinking/drug dens are not just an eyesore in our community but they also attract young people who drink alcohol when underage and are more likely to become involved in anti-social behaviour.

“Buying alcohol for someone under the age of 18 is illegal and you could be fined £90 if you are caught or end up in court with a criminal record and an unlimited fine.

“Please have a conversation with your child about their behaviour when they are out socialising, including potential consequences of any criminal activity or anti-social behaviour.

“We appreciate that young people want to socialise and gather and the vast majority are well behaved and not causing any criminality.

“However, we do also recognise that the presence of a large number of people, of any age, can cause concern for communities and anti-social behaviour can easily escalate in these situations.

“If you would like more support for yourself or have concerns about your child’s alcohol or drug use, please consider getting in touch with North Yorkshire Horizons info@nyhorisons.org.uk or call 01723 330730.”

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