Work progressing on new community shed

The community shed at Leyburn Arts and Community Centre.

Work is progressing on the new community shed at Leyburn Arts and Community Centre.

The environmentally-friendly building will provide a large workshop area with tools and equipment, and space to learn a range of arts and crafts.

Users will be encouraged to develop new skills via interactive skills and educational sessions.

The shed will also aim to be a social space with internet access, copying and printing facilities, and a technical library.

Staff at the community centre say the rain, snow and freezing temperatures have slowed progress on the facility, however Prest Engineering, which is working on the shed, has now installed both doors and all four windows, as well as the internal steel supports for the roof timbers.

A spokesperson for the arts centre said: “We need a few days of reasonable weather, so that the joints between the containers can be properly sealed and weather proofed then volunteers will be able to do their bit in finishing off the work.

“Keep an eye on our website for regular updates and photos.”

Fundraising for the facility is continuing with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust and North Yorkshire Council providing funding recently.

The annual 100 Club will continue in February.

For £12 per year you can have a chance to win £25, £15 or £10 per month.

Contact the venue here for more details.