Work set to restart on Scotch Corner Designer Village

Work is set to restart shortly on Scotch Corner Designer Village.

Developers have now given a revised date of March 26, 2026 for the first stage of the scheme to open.

And bosses behind the development say work will resume on site “very soon”.

The opening of the scheme has been delayed several times with an original target of October 2023 which was later moved back to September 2024.

In an update to Richmondshire Today this morning, Scotch Corner Richmond LLP, which is developing the site, blamed delays on covid and difficulties getting retailers signed up.

However, they said the first stage of the designer village would open with 80 per cent occupancy, which bosses said was higher than similar developments around the country when they opened.

Bosses said phase 1a and the Blue Diamond home, lifestyle and garden centre would open first, with phase 1b opening soon after.

Sarah Hodkinson, retail director at Scotch Corner Designer Village, said: “We are thrilled with the enthusiasm of both major retail brands and the local community.

“Dozens of high-profile brands have signed with us.

“This is a vote of confidence and a superb, good news story for the region and the whole of the north of England.”


  1. Sarah Hodkinson, retail director, I don’t know anyone in the local community who is enthusiastic about the opening.

  2. Shouldn’t be happening… It will lose moor jobs than it creats, it puts people in cars so not planet friendly… Politicians and their were are protecting the high street… Really ???

  3. What a waste of good farm land. Building shops when town centres are closing down.
    Probably another back handed deal for the councillors.

  4. Looks like “Coming Soon” as the site is now known will yet again not be coming soon. Again.

  5. 80% occupancy…..its almost 2 years overdue, it should be full occupancy. The high streets in Darlington and Richmond are suffering, this will be no different. The simple reason….we’re all skint. Please, for the love of that’s holy, stop using Covid as a excuse. It’s become very old very quickly. It has nothing to do with construction companies chucking in the towel on the project, its just poor management, poor planning and poor organisation. No one in the local community in ‘enthusiastic’ about it, intrigued maybe, but not enthusiastic, a little less exaggeration and more realism please.

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