Work starts on second 80-metre transmitter at Bilsdale

Workers at the Bilsdale site. Image: Arqiva.

Work is starting on a second 80-metre mast at Bilsdale to improve signal for North Yorkshire TV viewers.

A replacement mast has already been installed at the North York Moors site, however some homes are still without signal.

The update comes as two new relay masts are switched which experts say will restore or improve signal for 6,000 more households.

Arqiva, the company which operates the masts,  said viewers in two areas, Thirsk and Loftus, will need to retune their TVs if they have not already done so, and will have had the main TV channels restored as a result of the switch on.

The company said several more of these smaller relay sites will soon follow across the region as efforts continue to restore signal following the fire at Bilsdale Mast in August.

The switch on of the relay masts took place over the weekend.

Arqiva says more than 95 per cent of households in the region have now had their TV services restored.

Engineering teams are out measuring signal strengths to enable further progress.

The company said work was starting on a second 80-metre mast at Bilsdale which will further improve the quality of service across North Yorkshire and County Durham.

Adrian Twyning, director of operations at Arqiva, said: “We are working round the clock to restore TV services and to help those affected.

“These smaller relay sites are a key part of Project Restore, and more of them will soon follow.

“We’re sorry  for the disruption this has caused for people, and while we are making progress there is also much to do.

“Our teams are now working on the task of building a second 80-metre mast at Bilsdale to provide a better quality signal to the area.”

Arqiva said it was working closely with regional charities, local authorities and housing associations to reach those people whose services have not been restored.

Information, updates and advice, for example on how to retune your TV, are available at

A dedicated freephone line is available on 0800 121 4828, and the numbers of engineers available to provide support to eligible households is being increased from this week.

Residents living in one of the “not spot” areas where there is still no TV signal should have received an official letter containing instructions on how to claim a £50 voucher for Currys.

Residents can check if they are eligible at

The £50 voucher can be spent at Currys, online or in store, to buy a TV streaming device such as a Roku stick or an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

More than 3,000 people have already taken up the offer.


  1. My tv was switched off on August 10th,in the weeks that followed I had only my small I pad to watch. I am 83 years old unable to walk and completely housebound and depend solely on tv for company. The Dre I’ve was restored on October 12th and switched off again on October 29th . I have not received single word from the company supposedly replacing the Bilsdale mast so today November 2nd I phoned them and was given the routine apology and how hard they were working to restore service. The only ones being restored are North Yorkshire and Wensleydale.Rubbish firm.

  2. We have 3 TVs in the house and we still can only get 29 TV channels on them all when and if will we get back all our channels that’s in loft us TS134XA

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