Writing group launches in Richmondshire

A new writing group has launched in Richmondshire.

Dion Child, a local author, has created what he says is a “welcoming and inclusive writing group” for local residents, regardless of their level of experience.

There is no requirement to read your work, although as your confidence grows, you might wish to, and critique is only offered if requested. Regular members range from total novices to experienced published authors with years of experience and skills to share.

Dion said he started the Ragbag Writers group for the love of writing and is thrilled that it has brought like-minded people together.

“My aim was to form friendships and make the less confident souls out there realise that everyone has inner creative juices that need to be unleashed. Writing can be a very moving personal thing, and Ragbags is about humour, acceptance, and kindness; we welcome one and all with no boundaries or prejudice.”

“Despite being only a few months in, the group is already working towards publishing anthologies, live poetry readings and story-telling.

“If you’ve always dreamed of giving writing a go, why not attend a meeting and see what it’s all about.”

The group meet every Wednesday from 11am to 1pm at The Georgian Theatre Royal and has an evening meeting once a month, with the date to be confirmed depending on the theatre show schedule.

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