Yorkshire Dales games publisher donates to air ambulance after suffering anaphylactic reaction

Graham Bottley with Linda Stead, North Yorkshire community fundraiser for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

A Yorkshire Dales-based games publisher has donated nearly £2,000 to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance after suffering a serious medical episode.

Graham Bottley, owner of Arion Games, based in Swinithwaite, in Wensleydale, chose the charity to benefit from a sale of the games his company produces which took place on the Bundle of Holding website.

Ten per cent of orders taken during the sale go to the publisher’s chosen charity.

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Graham said he suffered a severe anaphylactic reaction 18-months-ago and an air ambulance was called, but was unable to attend.

He added: “At that time, the air ambulance could only fly during daylight hours so was unable to be dispatched at dusk that Sunday evening.

“Due to the expert care I received from the Yorkshire Ambulance crews & a military doctor at the Friarage Hospital I survived such an acute episode, but this experience made me realise that supporting this charity may literally be a matter of life and death particularly in rural areas.”

Linda Stead, North Yorkshire Community Fundraiser for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, said: “It is a fantastic amount of money that’s been raised, and we thank Arion Games so much for their support”.

Arion Games is a small business publishing games, including some based upon the Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone that were a huge hit craze in the 1980s.

Graham has decided that he will continue to support the charity donating five per cent of profits from Arion Games due to the phenomenal response from worldwide customers keen to support the charity.