Yorkshire Dales National Park car parks and toilets to remain open during lockdown

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority says it will be keeping toilets and car parks open during the lockdown.

The Dales Countryside Museum and national park centres in Aysgarth Falls, Grassington, Hawes and Malham will close, although staff will remain on hand at weekends to assist visitors, park bosses say.

However, car parks and toilet facilities will remain open.

David Butterworth, chief executive of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, said: “Over the last few months we have adjusted well to a different way of working, which means we will continue to offer a service under the new national restrictions.

“We will be keeping National Park Authority car parks and toilets open for people wishing to exercise outdoors, though I would reinforce the Government message that people should not be travelling long distances to get here.

“And, with many local businesses closing, anyone coming into the National Park will need to be self-sufficient and aware that at this time of year the weather can be unpredictable.

“Our website has been updated to reflect to new guidelines and I would strongly urge the public to read, understand and follow these guidelines.”

The park authority has issued guidance to people visiting the park during the pandemic:

Respect the Land – If you are exercising outdoors, exercise within your limitations to keep pressure off local resources, and know the Countryside Code.

Respect the Community – Many in the local community are amongst some of the most vulnerable groups of people and are self-isolating. Keep a safe distance from homes, schools, and farms.

Respect each Other – Respect social distancing rules and avoid gathering in Dales towns and villages where many local businesses are now closed. Finally, be kind and respect one another.

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  1. Thank you to the YDNP for a constructive and common sense approach during this lockdown period.

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