Yorkshire Gift Card plans revealed by tourism agency

Swaledale. Photo: Welcome to Yorkshire.

Plans for a Yorkshire Gift Card have been revealed as part of measures to revive the region’s tourism industry post-coronavirus.

Tourism agency Welcome to Yorkshire (WTY) says the scheme aims to capitalise on the desire for people to shop local, buy local and commit to local, hotels and service providers attractions.

They add that it would also allow the “global diaspora of people connected with the county” to support Yorkshire businesses.

Other measures announced by tourism chiefs include free WTY membership to businesses.

Any organisation will be able to sign up and access WTY’s business resources, tool kits, newsletters and access to expertise.

The existing membership model with paid for benefits will remain for now although at present all paying members can enjoy a three month payment freeze, the organisation added.

WTY said it had “instigated and accepted” the challenge to act as the conduit for the county’s crucial tourism resurgence.

On Wednesday, it hosted an online meeting with local authorities, heritage attraction and national park representatives, to share ideas and gather information.

Tourism bosses said the aim was to build a robust recovery plan for the Yorkshire tourism industry post-coronavirus.

Further webinars are planned over coming weeks.

WTY chief executive James Mason said: “Supporting and promoting Yorkshire businesses and tourism attractions continues to be an absolute priority during current times and beyond.

“We are all looking forward and planning for when restrictions start to lift, when people can visit Yorkshire’s beautiful beaches, gorgeous green spaces and explore our cities again.

“However, it’s crucial that central and local government guidelines are listened to, and the health and safety of residents and visitors to Yorkshire is of paramount importance.

“Welcome to Yorkshire continue to collaborate closely with local authorities, as well as business and attraction owners, creating a strong recovery plan, whilst adhering to rules and recommendations concerning lockdown restrictions being lifted, ensuring a new safe tourism experience during unprecedented times.”

WTY chair Peter Box added: “Wednesday’s meeting was a great success with a brilliant team spirit and a strong sense of collaboration from across the county, with the absolute aim of creating a strong tourism recovery plan led by Welcome to Yorkshire.

“It’s imperative that we continue to work together to understand the needs and concerns from across the region and consider the importance of sharing insight, intelligence and good practice throughout the process.”

The next webinar will take place on Wednesday, May 13 from 11am to 1pm.

Email info@yorkshire.com to request an agenda and details of how to join the meeting.

For more information: visit https://industry.yorkshire.com/archive/news/yorkshire-we-need-your-support-to-save-the-tourism-sector-post-covid-19 [kofi]