Yorkshire regiments take part in transfer of colours ceremony

Transfer of The Yorkshire Regiment's honorary colours.

An important military tradition went ahead this week at Catterick Garrison despite the new nationwide lockdown.

The transfer of the honorary colours is a tradition stemming back to when they were first awarded to the forefathers of The Yorkshire Regiment in 1803.

Every two years, the honorary colours are passed from battalion to battalion.

At Wednesday’s celebration at Somme Barracks the colours were exchanged between colour parties from the 1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment and the 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment.

The colours were exchanged before 2 YORKS move to Cyprus at the end of November and before 1 YORKS move from Warminster, in Wiltshire, to Alma Barracks in the Garrison

The Commanding Officer of 2 YORKS, Lieutenant Colonel James Ashworth has just taken over command and will be leading the move to Cyprus, where the Yorkshiremen will be based for the next two years.

He said: “Even though we are deep into a major unit move to Cyprus I feel that it’s important that we should not lose touch with our history and values as a regiment.

“Hosting this parade is an important part of our heritage and although we are saying farewell to Yorkshire for the next two years, the 1st Battalion are here to takeover custody of the colours and hopefully next year they will be seen being proudly paraded through the cities and towns of Yorkshire.”