Yorkshire Water told to delay repair work in Hawes

Hawes. Photo: Nilfanion/Wikimedia.

Yorkshire Water has been told by Hawes and High Abbotside Parish Council that it must not start 27 weeks of work in Hawes in June, just when businesses in the town will be seeking to recover from the Covid-19 lockdown.

At the virtual meeting of the parish council on Monday May 17 the chairman, Richmondshire District councillor Jill McMullon stated: “I told Yorkshire Water that in no circumstances are you going to start work in the middle of June.”

The parish council has received the full support of North Yorkshire County councillor Yvonne Peacock.

She explained later that Yorkshire Water has a large amount of work to do in Hawes as the pipework in the town was a confused jumble, with different parts having been installed by different suppliers at various times. This means that new pipes have to be laid right through the town.

“They have no idea what is under the ground,” she commented. She emphasised that Yorkshire Water must keep the parish council and Hawes residents fully informed about when work will be carried out in specific areas.

Only once that work has been completed can the road through Hawes be resurfaced both Cllrs McMullon and Peacock told the parish council meeting. The funding deadline for that work was December this year. Cllr Peacock said that there was now an agreement between the county council and the government that the resurfacing work could be carried out next year.

She said: “Yorkshire Water is now going to start on September 20 and will take up to Easter. The road will then be resurfaced by May [2022].”

She said later that it was likely some patching of the road surface would be carried out this year as it was in such bad condition.

Road signs. – The parish council was told there had been considerable concern about the new road sign on the A684 at the turnoff to Burtersett.

Cllr McMullon reported that on one side it was so close to the road that lorries could hit it. On the other it was high and very prominent.

Cllr Peacock said she had been informed the signs were the correct size for a 60mph section of road. She had, however, asked the highways department to consider ways to mitigate the impact of the signs.

Post-lockdown party. – The parish council agreed to donate £250 towards a post-lockdown party following a request by Alison Wade.

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