Yorkshire Water urges customers to use water wisely after weeks of dry weather

Yorkshire Water is urging its customers to use water wisely as temperatures begin to rise.

The company said reservoir levels were currently “healthy” but it was asking customers to take action to avoid shortages later in the year.

Neil Dewis, director of water at Yorkshire Water, said: “Our reservoir stocks are currently healthy and recovered as we expected in the winter and spring months after an extremely dry spring and summer in 2022.

“Now the weather is improving we know people are more likely to be enjoying their gardens, which inevitably leads to an increase in water use.

“We always urge customers to use water wisely throughout the year, whatever the weather, and taking a few simple steps can help reduce usage and protect water supplies for the summer and beyond.

“There are a variety of simple steps people can take to ensure they are making the most of the weather and their garden but not dramatically increasing the amount of water they use.”

Tips include:

  • Using a watering can instead of a hose is an easy way to save water.
  • Keep on top of weeds in your garden. They grow quickly and compete with your plants for valuable moisture.
  • Adding a layer of leaves, bark or compost to your flower beds helps retain moisture and reduces the need for watering.
  • Plants like lavender, palms, mimosa and verbena need less water to grow.

For more information on ways to save water, visit Yorkshirewater.com/save

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  1. It’s crazy that folk need to be advised to be careful with water given the recent dry weather and with no rain forecast for 10 days and even then not very much.

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