Yorkshire Yaks given fantastic send off ahead of Mongolia adventure

Cancer survivor Adam Alderson and the Yorkshire Yaks were given a fantastic send off today ahead of their charity trip to Mongolia.

Friends, family, supporters and sponsors gathered in Leyburn to wave the team off as they head off on a adventure of a lifetime.

Together with new wife Laura and friends Andy Smithson and Liz Sheldon, Adam is taking part in the Mongol Rally – a 10,000-mile trip from the UK to Mongolia in cheap car – two old Suzuki Jimny 4x4s – and with no chance of rescue if it all goes wrong.

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Adam, 37, from Preston-under-Scar, near Leyburn, refused to give in after being diagnosed with pseudomyxoma peritonei – PMP for short – a very rare form of cancer that grows inside the abdominal cavity and will crush and destroy the organs unless treated or removed.


1lInstead, he fought the disease and, with the help of a team of medics who performed a ground-breaking multi-organ transplant operation, he survived.

Among those watching the adventurers go was Chris Ward, a nurse consultant with Macmillan Cancer Support.

She helped care for Adam when he was dying from the cancer.

She said: “It’s absolutely amazing to see how him now – he’s got this whole exciting life ahead of him to look forward to.”

Chris said there had been some very dark days but Adam had got through it thanks in particular to the support of Laura who she described as Adam’s “rock”.

“They really are a partnership,” she added.

Adam said before setting off that after months of preparations he wanted the adventure to start.

“I’m excited but also a little nervous – my Jimney is already bottoming out on the suspension because of all the weight.

“The biggest challenge is probably getting through the country borders.”

Adam described how they had received training in how to pay officials at border crossings in some countries, which is sometimes the only way to get through.

Thanks in particular to Bishop Auckland company Cello, the team has already met its £20,000  fundraising target.

“I don’t see how why we can’t get to £50,000 – if everyone who follows us on Facebook for example gave a few pounds we would be able to do it.”

Although they could use GPS, they have instead chosen to use paper maps to get to Mongolia – a trip that is likely to take six to eight weeks.

Adam and Laura are funding the trip themselves but have received sponsorship from local and national companies including Leyburn-based Truck Technics, which have helped prepare the vehicles, Cello, Metcalfe Farms, Ring Automotive, Davanti Tyres, and DG & M Construction, which are paying for the vehicles’ fuel.

Adam has also received help from other local businesses such as Fitness4All gym at Leyburn which is helping Adam build his fitness levels ahead of the trip.

This means all donations to their appeal will go to the two charities, The Steve Prescott Foundation and Macmillan Cancer Support.

The foundation was started by rugby league star Steve Prescott who eventually died from PMP.

Adam says he would not be alive today if it were not for Steve who helped him and led the way for sufferers of this type of cancer.

Adam was one of the first people to have the multi-organ transplant for this type of cancer and survive. He is now determined that as many people as possible have access to the same kind of help.

To sponsor Adam, visit www.yorkshireyaks.co.uk

To follow his adventure visit www.facebook.com/YorkshireYaks/