Young and old take part in Richmond Motor Club’s Reels Head trials

Richard Sadler. Photo: Charlotte Brown.

Richmond Motor Club was pleased to welcome young up and coming riders from near and far at the ACU Belle Trailers British Solo Youth Championship round held at Reels Head, near Marrick, on Saturday.

An overcast morning burnt out into a beautiful spring day, making for nice riding conditions.

Over 85 riders ranging from six to 17 years three laps of 12 sections and appreciated the spectacular scenery on such a clear day.

Richmond Motor Club rider Callum Fowler (Beta) was pleased to win the A Class on 75 marks lost, closely followed by George Clarke (Beta) and Isaac Shuttleworth (Beta) on 78 and 79 marks respectively.

Young Scots lad Euan Sim (Beta) showed the B Class how things are done on 27 marks lost, after doing exceptionally well in coming third place in the Mintex (or “Mini Scott Trial”) last year. Max Dance (GASGAS) looks to be following in his older brother Jack’s footsteps with a convincing second place in the class on 28 marks lost. Bill Reeves (TRRS) came in third, losing 31 marks.

The C Class was split into standard and medium wheel classes, with Richmond Motor Club rider Koby Smith (Beta) taking the lead in the standard wheel C Class on an impressive eight marks lost, closely followed by Mason Tidd (Beta) on nine marks lost. Oliver Wilson (Beta) rounded off the top three, dropping 14 marks.

Samuel LeFevre (Beta) won the Medium Wheel C Class, dropping 36 marks. Billy Mair (Beta) was second on 44 marks, and Maximus Hastings (Beta) third on 88 marks lost.

The youths in the D Class were again split into further classes. Jacob Smith (Beta) took after his brother in the C Class and won the Medium Wheel D Class on 41 marks lost, with Benjamin James (Beta) not far behind on 43 marks lost. George Wareing came in third on 66 marks lost.

It was a tough day for the electric bikes on the Small Wheel D Class, where Dexter Rowden (Oset) lead the way on 98 marks, Reuben Keet (Oset) and Hector Kemp (Oset) also made the podium on 114 and 118 marks respectively.

Richmond Motor Club would like to thank the landowners, and give a special thank you to all the observers who gave up their time on a Bank Holiday weekend – without them the trials would not run. Thank you to the clerk of course and helpers who marked the trial out, the Secretaries, the Roast Inn caterers, media and everybody else involved in the running of the trial.

Thank you to Golf Stream who donated Easter eggs for the riders and to the parents and minders for supporting the children.


A Class: 1. Callum Fowler (Beta) 75, 2. George Clarke (Beta) 78, 3. Isaac Shuttleworth (Beta) 79

B Class: 1. Euan Sim (Beta) 27, 2. Max Dance (GASGAS) 28, 3. Bill Reeves (TRRS) 31

C Class – Standard Wheel: 1. Koby Smith (Beta) 8, 2. Mason Tidd (Beta) 9, 3. Oliver Wilson (Beta) 14

C Class – Medium Wheel: 1. Samuel LeFevre (Beta) 36, 2. Billy Mair (Beta) 44, 3. Maximus Hastings (Beta) 88

D Class – Medium Wheel: 1. Jacob Smith (Beta) 41, 2. Benjamin James (Beta) 43, 3. George Wareing (Beta) 66

D Class – Small Wheel: 1. Dexter Rowden (Oset) 98, 2. Reuben Keet (Oset) 114, 3. Hector Kemp (Oset) 118


The following day Richmond Motor Club held the Sid Morton Memorial Trial at Reels Head.

Riders hoped for a break in the clouds on the overcast morning, however the weather remained blustery throughout the day with the odd shower.

Over 100 riders attempted three laps of 12 sections. Richard Sadler (Vertigo) took the win, with 14 marks lost. Tom Middleton (Vertigo) and Ryan Brown (Beta) were second and third on 36 and 37 marks respectively.

On the Clubman A Route (Green Course), Andrew Lishman (Montesa) came in first, losing only 5 marks. Roger Williams (Beta) was second on 7 marks lost, followed by Gary Pears (Scorpa), losing 20 marks.

The Youth Green Course was won by Jack Vasey (Beta) on 26 marks lost, followed by Charlie Astwood (Sherco) on 35 marks and Oliver Wright (GASGAS) on 63 marks.

Adrian Harrison (TRRS) won the Clubman B Course, losing just 4 marks, closely followed by Paul Sadler (Vertigo) on 6 marks, and Andrew Kearton (Montesa) on 8 marks lost.

Some of the youth riders from the National Trial stayed on to enjoy a weekend of trialing in the idyllic dale. It was girl power in the Youth A Class with Brianna King winning on 47 marks lost and Bobbie Pulman (Beta) coming in second on 54 marks lost. Harvey Rutter (Sherco) rounded off the top three with 73 marks lost.

Archie Fletcher (TRRS) led the Youth B Class on 32 marks lost, with Edwyn Jones (TRRS) and William Sparks (GASGAS) finishing on 54 and 58 marks respectively.

The C Class riders did well to get round a bigger lap after a tiring event the previous day. Hudson Ravenhill-White (Beta) was first in the class on 57, followed by Mason Tidd (Beta) on 59 and Tommy Keet (Beta) on 85 marks lost.

Richmond Motor Club would like to thank the landowner, clerk of course and helpers, Secretary, caterers, observers, media and anybody else involved in the running of the trial.


Hard Course Overall:

  1. Richard Sadler (Vertigo) 14, 2. Tom Middleton (Vertigo) 36, 3. Ryan Brown (Beta) 37

Hard Course:

Expert: 1. Richard Sadler (Vertigo) 14, 2. Aran Drachenberg (Vertigo) 47, 3. William Clark (TRRS) 99

Intermediate: 1. Tom Middleton (Vertigo) 36, 2. Tom Hick (Beta) 50

Novice: 1. Ryan Brown (Beta) 37, 2. Richard Pulman (Scorpa) 76, 3. Harry Mugridge (GASGAS) 76

Clubman A (Green) Course:

  1. Andrew Lishman (Montesa) 5, 2. Roger Williams (Beta) 7, 3. Gary Pears (Scorpa) 20

Clubman A – Youth:

  1. Jack Vasey (Beta) 26, 2. Charlie Astwood (Sherco) 35, 3. Oliver Wright (GASGAS) 63

Clubman B Course Overall:

  1. Adrian Harrison (TRRS) 4, 2. Paul Sadler (Vertigo) 6, 3. Andrew Kearton (Montesa) 8

Clubman B:

  1. Andrew Kearton (Montesa) 8, 2. Paul Wearmouth (Montesa) 9, 3. Sam Adamson (GASGAAS) 30

Clubman B Over 40:

  1. Adrian Harrison (TRRS) 4, 2. Paul Sadler (Vertigo) 6, 3. Stephen Watling (Montesa) 26

Youth A Class:

  1. Brianna King 47, 2. Bobbie Pulman (Beta) 54, 3. Harvey Rutter (Sherco) 73

Youth B Class:

  1. Archie Fletcher (TRRS) 32, 2. Edwyn Jones (TRRS) 54, 3. William Sparks (GASGAS) 58

Youth C Class:

  1. Hudson Ravenhill-White (Beta) 57, 2. Mason Tidd (Beta) 59, 3. Tommy Keet (Beta) 85