Young Swaledale artist exhibits at The Station

Emma Hodgson.

A young Swaledale artist is looking forward to having her artwork exhibited at the Spot on the Wall exhibition at The Station in Richmond.

Emma Hodgson, a Year 13 student at Richmond Sixth Form College, enjoys working in a range of media, including pen, coloured pencil and water colour and will be demonstrating her passion for exploring realism and photo-realism within art in her piece she is exhibiting at The Station.

This is a style that is evident in the work of Jesse Lane who Emma has been researching in her A-level Art studies.

Emma said: “I was overjoyed to find out that I had been selected for the Spot on the Wall exhibition and feel very honoured to have my work displayed in such an iconic building.

“Realism is my main style, as I love giving a piece of art the power to catch an audience’s eye.

“The piece I have created shows a side profile of a young woman with water dripping down her face. I decided to call the piece Coming Up for Air as I like to think that is open to interpretation.

“The audience could take it in a literal sense, as she is literally gasping for air after being underwater, or in the metaphorical sense that she is stopping for breath in life. Having water as part of the drawing was a choice I made as I love drawing it in general but also, water moves in such different and beautiful ways.

“So if the audience were to take the piece metaphorically, they could think about how life moves in waves or can feel overwhelming like a flood. Overall, the piece is subjective and I love the freedom of interpretation the piece has.”

Mrs James, lead teacher for art, said: “Emma has astounding technical prowess and her ability to manipulate materials and create intricate work with such an eye for detail is testament to her talent and tenacity.

“I was not surprised to hear that Lane himself recognised her ability as her work really is outstanding and will be a fantastic addition to the Spot on the Wall exhibition.

“It has been such a pleasure to teach Emma and watch her talent blossom.”

Jenny Rasbeary, The Station’s gallery and events manager, said: “We are thrilled to be working with Richmond School and Sixth Form College again and offer the opportunity for an up-and-coming artist to showcase their work in our stunning gallery.

“The Spot on the Wall exhibition unites a diverse range of artwork to offer visitors an evolving display of art to enjoy and purchase.

“As a piece of sold, the artist can replace it with another, so the exhibition is always fresh and inspiring.”

The exhibition will open on December 4 and run until January 25, 2022 and more information is available at:

You can follow Emma’s art on her Instagram account at @ehodgson_art