Young footballers sow seeds for new pitch in Hawes

Hawes Juniors sow seeds for next season.

Young footballers have today sown the seeds for a new full-sized pitch on Hawes Community Fields.  

Hawes United Under 12s have been playing 9-aside football this season, but from September they will graduate to 11-aside – and for that a bigger playing area was needed.    

Last year the charity which manages the Community Fields bought land to enlarge the ‘Big Field’ and this week around 350 tonnes of soil has been brought in to create a level playing surface.  

It’s the final piece in the jigsaw of a four-year, £130,000 ‘Improving Facilities Project’, which has seen the creation of a mini-pavilion called the Johnny Walker Laithe as well as the Match Hatch for serving refreshments.  

Hawes Community Fields already has one pitch, which is the home of Hawes United men, but it can drain poorly, limiting its use during winter, and it is some distance from the roadside pavilion.      

Hawes United Juniors Under-12s captain, Adam Whaley, speaking after their last match of the season on Saturday against a talented Spennithorne team,  said:  “I really like football and I’ve always wanted to play for a football team. It’s very, very good that we have a full-sized pitch to play on next season.”  

Team mate George Bland added:  “It’ll be a better ground to play on when it’s all finished. It’s been right handy for people to get something to eat and watch a game this season.  You feel good about yourself when you’re playing.” 

Hawes United Juniors Chairman Nick Prince said:  “Next year will be the first time Hawes United Juniors will have had enough players to run an 11-aside team since the club got going again in 2017. The new pitch helps make all this possible. 

“Big thanks to local contractor Peter Iveson who undertook the ground works and to everyone else who has supported our fundraising.”  

Hawes Community Fields is run by the Upper Wensleydale Sports and Recreational Association.   The charity encourages use of fields for all sports as well as for recreation, such as youth club and biking activities and the annual bonfire night.