Youth cafe and film club to launch at Leyburn Arts and Community Centre

Rachael Alderson, the youth project officer at Leyburn Arts & Community Centre.

Leyburn Arts & Community Centre will launch a youth café in January.

The café will be open to all 11 to 16-year-olds who want to meet friends and relax, or want somewhere different to study.

There will be hot and cold drinks, and snacks on offer as well as free wi-fi.

Rachael Alderson, the youth project officer at Leyburn Arts & Community Centre, and Dani, from St Matthews Church Community Project will be running the café with, it is hoped, the help of young people.

Rachael said: “We can’t wait to get the youth café open for the young people of Leyburn and the surrounding area.

We hope young people will enjoy having the extra place to go to relax or meet friends and hopefully help us shape the café to make it a success.”

The café is also a place where young people can take part in or help to organise activities to benefit the community and local area. Young people will be able to get advice on volunteering, fundraising and campaigning.

The youth café will open alternative Mondays starting January 8. The cafe will be open from 6pm to 8pm.

Young people will be required to sign in and to fill out a consent form as part of using the provision.

The initiative is part of Leyburn Arts & Community Centre Youth Project which aims to encourage 10 to 16-year-olds to take part in social action in their community.

The youth project is also launching a Film Club and Art Exhibition for young people too.

Into Film Club will start in February.

Young people can choose from thousands of films to screen here at the centre for their friends to watch for free.

Rachael added: “We are thrilled to have received funding from Richmondshire Area Partnership Fund to set up our very own film club in Leyburn for young people.

“It’s unique to the area and a great opportunity for all young people to enjoy films and have a say at what they want to watch at no expense.”

Young people are also invited to take part in the new exhibition happening at Leyburn Arts & Community Centre, The Power of 3.

Power of 3 is open to anyone to develop and exhibit 3 pieces of work.

Textile Video Audio Mix Media Paint Sculpture Watercolors Pencil Photography.

Artists will be able to come to the centre and with the help of the artist in residence submit or develop their ideas for a piece of work.

Awards for the work and special award for the piece of work that combines three of the elements.

The exhibition will run through January February March with an open/awards evening on April 3.

For more information contact Rachael Alderson on 01969 624510 or email