YouTuber with 7.6 million followers stands against Rishi Sunak

YouTuber NiKo Omilana.

A YouTuber and internet prankster with 7.6m followers is standing against Rishi Sunak at the General Election.

Niko Omilana is one of  13 people on the ballot for the Richmond and Northallerton constituency.

Announcing his plans to stand against the Prime Minister on social media, Niko said: “I have decided to run for Prime Minister.

“I am going up against his current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in the area of Richmond and plan to completely remove him from the political world.

“Rishi Sunak wants to send young people to war so I’ve decided to declare war on the system. We will remove Rishi.”

It is understood Niko visited Richmond earlier this month and posted videos of the trip on social media.

Niko, who stood in the London mayoral election three years ago, admits on social media that he has also managed to get on the ballot as an independent in more than 1o other constituencies.

It is an offence to provide false information on nomination papers and to stand in more than one constituency, and according to the BBC the police are aware of the issue.

The other seats include Bermondsey and Old Southwark, Birmingham Perry Barr, Coventry South, Dundee Central, Ealing Southall, Greenwich and Woolwich, Leeds East, Leeds South, North West Essex and Stockton West.

In a video posted on X, Niko said: “We attempted to run Niko Omilana in multiple places across the country and somehow we managed to make it happen.”

The Electoral Commission said: “It is an offence for an individual to provide false information on nomination papers when applying to stand as a candidate, including to falsely confirm that they are not standing in another constituency.

“If that has occurred, it would be a matter for the police to consider.”