Police panel welcomes resignation of commissioner after “streetwise” comments

Philip Allott

The county’s police, fire and crime panel has welcomed the resignation of North Yorkshire police, fire and crime commissioner Philip Allott.

Mr Allott resigned yesterday after the panel was unanimous in a vote of no confidence.

The reaction followed comments he made following the murder of Sarah Everard.

Mr Alott suggested women should be more “streetwise” about powers of arrest and that Ms Everard should not have “submitted” to arrest by her killer Wayne Couzens, a diplomatic protection officer.

On behalf of the panel, chair Cllr Carl Les said the views of the panel members were made “extremely clear” to the commissioner yesterday.

He added: “It is our job to provide oversight for this extremely important role and, while we did not have the power to remove the commissioner, we believed there was a lack of trust and confidence in him that made his position untenable and he should go.

“We welcome the fact that the views of the panel have been taken on board and that Mr Allott has listened to the public and the vast majority of his staff.

“We will convene a special meeting of the panel to appoint an interim Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, while arrangements are put in place for the election of a new Commissioner at the appropriate time.

“We hope the news of Mr Allott’s resignation means the focus looking ahead will be on the needs of victims of crime and specifically initiatives which will help all women and young girls to be safe and protected here and across the country.”

A letter has also emerged signed by the “overwhelming majority” of Mr Allott’s  32-strong team of staff, which said they had no confidence in him and accused him of making “sexist and misogynistic comments” to female colleagues.