Liberal Democrats select parliamentary candidate for Richmond

Philip Knowles.

The Liberal Democrats have selected their prospective parliamentary candidate for Richmond. 

Local man Philip Knowles has been chosen to stand for the party if and when there is a general election.

He said: “I’m delighted to be selected as the Liberal Democrats’ candidate for an area in which I’ve lived all my life.

“Those living and working in Richmond (Yorks) Demand Better of this government, and of the two-party system that lets them down again and again.

“We live in a wonderful area but, even so, there are pockets of real poverty in our constituency.

“Severe cuts to local NHS services, rural transport and public services have made life difficult. I hear daily of the disastrous impact that a NoDeal Brexit will have on farmers and businesses locally.

The Government announcement of potential delays and shortages of fuel, medicines and fresh food is worrying for us all.”

Philip, from Eppleby, added: “We all deserve better than to be represented by Tory candidates ‘parachuted’ into a constituency they think they own. That needs to change. I live, went to school and work here and I’m proud to be part of our community.

“Living here, I too share the issues that we all have to cope with. My family are farmers in Wensleydale and they tell me how badly Brexit could affect our traditional farming livelihoods.”

Philip has lived all his life in Richmondshire and says he would be proud to represent the people he lives amongst.

Philip worked in the construction industry and engineering before teaching at Darlington College.

He is now a university lecturer


  1. Pity you seem to forget YOUR so called party was a major part of and a total mess the clown made of it. Liberals increased the cost of living for EVERY family with the stupid, most ill thought out plastic bag policy encouraging EVERY supermarket to rook customers and make extreme profits!! Like it or not YOUR RABEL have brushed aside the people’s largest democratic decision and forced delays on ant negotiation. Not content demanding a second people’s democratic vote then stating in public you will not accept a “no” decision. YOU are now responsible for wasting £25 MILLION A WEEK in rediculas delaying tactics yet when challenged run scared of facing the electorate. I am no Tory but this MP has carried out the things people asked of him and NOT lined his pockets from Fracking support and promotion again against the overwhelming opposition of the areas population. Crawl back in the swamp

    • The money from the plastic bag charge goes to good causes not to the supermarkets (£146M so far) and has resulting in 15.6B fewer bags being used.
      I’m not sure where you get ‘lined his pockets from Fracking support’ from but I have been against fracking from the outset.
      The reason why I and many other people have campaigned for a Peoples Vote is that blatant lies were told during the referendum campaign, they carried on campaigning during the suspension after Jo Cox’s murder and seriously overspent the allowed limit. I was brought up with the belief that cheats should not prosper

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