Richmond councillor calls on Rishi Sunak to resign

Rishi Sunak delivers a prescription to a Leyburn resident during the pandemic.

A Richmond councillor has called on Richmond MP Rishi Sunak to resign after it emerged the chancellor was to receive a fine for attending a party during lockdown.

In January, Philip Wicks, chair of Richmond (Yorks) Liberal Democrats, wrote to the MP asking whether the MP was present at any social gathering during lockdown.

He also asked whether, given his apartment is next door, the Chancellor was aware of any other social gathering in the building at the time.

In his response written in February, Mr Sunak said it was “deeply upsetting” to think that people in Downing Street did not follow the rules.

Cllr Wicks: “Mr Sunak wrote to me saying he knows that so many made extraordinary sacrifices throughout the pandemic by following the rules, and that it is deeply upsetting to think that those in Downing Street did not follow the rules.

“Now that it is clear that Mr Sunak was one of those that did not follow the rules, he must resign, along with the Prime Minister, Mr Johnson.

“It is unacceptable that we made sacrifices whilst they broke the very rules they made.”

Richmondshire Today has contacted Mr Sunak’s constituency office for a response.


  1. The lack of integrity & dishonesty of the Prime Minister & the Chancellor is evident. Why do Conservative MPs, Councillors & Candidates not demand their resignation? Where’s their integrity & courage? Are they equally unfit to serve?

    • The problem is that not one of them has an ounce of integrity and as such, not one of them is fit to lead or represent this Country.
      Do the honourable thing and resign.

    • Get a life. These people were shattering an office and buildings all day. Having some cake or a drink during office hours is not an unusual thing to do during a working day.

  2. its bang out of order that these mps and pm did what they wanted while most of us followed the rules… and then for them to bare face lie is bang out of order also.
    but weallknow this corupt goverment wont do the right thing is sickning… it shows its 1 rule for them and 1 rule for everyone else… then to add insult to injery to be given a £50 fine ombg when people where getting upto £10.000 fines

  3. He’s not fit for office. How can a chancellor who is a multi millionaire make decisions for the majority of poor people, who he can’t possibly have any empathy for.

    • Here here sir. I live in Rickmondshire so am most familiar with this person. He claims credit for every damn thing that is done locally, often having his image photoshopped in news reports. He and his wife are criminals exploiting the system internationally.

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